KARACHI  -   Two policemen, who were allegedly involved in injuring a couple, were sent to Quarter Guard on Monday, said the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of district Korangi.

Earlier, 40-year-old Adnan and his wife Saqba Bibi sustained bullet injuries under mysterious circumstances in Korangi area late on Sunday night. They were rushed to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for medical treatment where now their conditions are said to be out of danger.

JMPC Director Dr Seemin Jamali told that the couple’s condition was critical when they were brought to hospital but now both are getting better gradually as there is a massive change in their conditions. Dr Seemin added that injured woman is eight month pregnant but now she and a baby both are saved, “thanks to Allah Almighty,” she said

“The bullets remained stuck in the chest of woman and now it’s up to the doctors what they decide,” she said while adding that the couple would be discharged soon.

On the other hand, the incident is still seemed a mysterious one as Korangi district SSP Ali Raza has sent two policemen to quarter guard. The SSP told that the details of the incident are yet to be uncovered, adding that the initial investigation suggested that an encounter took place between the police party and the robbers during snatching a rifle from the policeman in the locality.

Raza added that the couple shot and injured when they were moving to get inside a car outside their home. He added that the police investigators have also recorded the initial statements of the policemen involved in the encounter.

The police officer also second Dr Seemin’s statement, saying that he also met the couple and “they are fine now,”. He said that statements of the couple were also recorded and they were assured the case would be lodged against policemen if they found delinquent.

“Apparently it seems that the couple got injured during the encounter but it has yet to be disclosed that which bullet they sustained as further investigation is underway,” the SSP added.

Raza was of the view that the case could be registered against the cops on behalf of state but it would give impression that police are trying to save its personnel, adding that the couple was asked to register the case itself.

This is not for the first time when such incident occurred as the Karachi in the past had witnessed such incidents for several times, he said while referring incidents of Intizar murder case, Naqeebullah murder case, Maqsood Ahmed case and a ten-year-old Aimal killing.

He added that a departmental inquiry has been initiated against both the cops—Zahir Shah and Abdul Majeed— currently servicing at Awami Colony police station for their negligence as according to them, robbers had snatched their rifle.