KARACHI  -  Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh Chief Shahi Syed has said that federal, provincial and local government has failed to keep promises made at the time of election and at the instant the elected representatives were busy in putting the entire burden on each other instead of resolving the issues.

Syed expressed these views while addressing the party workers at a convention held in the remembrance of Bacha Khan at party headquarter here on Monday. ANP and PSF leaders inclining Younis Khan Boneri, Engineer Asif Khan, Jahanzaib Boneri, Sher Afridi, Shahid Masood, Umer Khattak, and Tariq Banori were also present on the occasion.

Commenting over the current situation of Pakistan and especially Karachi, ANP Sindh Chief said that federal government and provincial government instead of resolving the issues of Karachi were putting the entire burden on each other while the local government is also giving lame excuses avoided to perform its duties in proper manners. The city is presenting an ugly look and people were left in miserable condition along with water shortage and destroyed infrastructure. All the three tiers of the government made tall claims and even promised to bring prosperity in the country but so far nothing visible has been witnessed yet.

He further said that the PTI was voted to power the entire country in the name of “change” but nothing had been changed so far therefore, Imran Khan led PTI had lost confidence of people. It seems like that Imran Khan accomplished his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan while his party performance confirms that they were still immature in the running the state affairs.

Shahi Syed said that PTI movement had fizzled out as it failed to deliver and had no achievement in its pockets for which it could take pride. He asked the workers to get in the field and convey the party message to the people and narrate the ideology of Bacha Khan adding that whenever party came in power it facilitated the people and hopefully it will continue the Bacha Khan‘s movement in future for the deprived people of the country without any discrimination.