KAMALIA-A large number of citizens held a protest against the non-availability of sui gas in the front of Press Club Kamalia here the other day. They were carrying placards and banners inscribed with the demand for sui gas. The protesters chanted slogans against the administration and demanded uninterrupted supply of sui gas in the morning and evening. Their representative, Ch Farooq told our correspondent that sui gas supply has been suspended in most parts of the city since the last couple of months due to which the domestic life has been greatly burdened. “We are forced to buy LPG gas cylinders, which are available at exorbitant prices. Commercial activities have become non-existent due to non-availability of sui gas while school going students and office going people often leave homes without breakfast.” he told. “The citizens are facing a dilemma of eternal wait for sui gas or go buy LPG gas cylinders, wood, coal or packing crate wooden planks for alternative fuel.”, he added. The protesters complained that this shortage of gas has pushed them to the cave era.

They demanded that the higher authorities should take immediate notice of their problem and take action against the un-announced unavailability of sui gas.