Rawalpindi - Police in their crackdown against anti-social elements arrested 32 lawbreakers including 10 gamblers and 8 suspected robbers besides recovering 1,390 grams of hashish, 7 bottles of liquor, 11 pistols with 72 rounds, a 12 bore gun and a dagger from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Rawat police held Habib for having 1,090 grams of hashish. Gujar Khan police arrested Yaqoob and recovered 300 grams of hashish. Bani police rounded up Adil with five litters of liquor. Kahuta police also recovered 10 litters of liquor from Waqar Masih and seven bottles of liquor from the possession of Ashraf.

Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons, drugs and liquor.

Airport police conducted a raid in Chaklala Bazaar, arrested 10 gamblers and recovered Rs18,000 cash stake money, five mobile phones and other items. Westridge police arrested a kite seller namely Shahid and seized 1,200 kites and 22 kite flying string rolls.

Meanwhile, City police raided in Mohalla Usman Pura and arrested 5 suspected robbers, Ghaffar, Anwar, Rehman, Nasir and Akram Ullah and recovered four 30-bore pistols with 20 rounds. Pirwadhai police also conducted a raid in Khayaban-e-Sir Syed area and held three suspected robbers Zahid, Musharraf and Nabeel, and recovered three pistols of 30 bore and 15 rounds.