MUZAFFARGARH/Bahawalpur/ Bahawalnagar-Traders and civil society organisations staged protests in different cities across Punjab to vent off their anger against the killings of three members of a same family in a staged CTD shootout in Sahiwal.

Traders and civil society organisation in Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, Vehari, Khanewal and Dera Ghazi Khan observed a complete strike against the killings.

The protesting traders and civil society are of the view that though the government has formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to dig deep into the gruesome killing, past precedents of all such incident cast doubts on sincerity and determination of the government and the Police Department high-ups to uphold the rule of law and punish the culprits for check such occurrences in the future.

They warned that the masses would not let the case be swept under the carpet, rather the nation should be satisfied with revelation of facts that led to the gruesome incident.

They urged the PTI government, especially in Punjab shut door once and for all on such "fake encounters" by making the officials involved in the killings as example for others.

On the other hand, a petition seeking a judicial inquiry into the killings has also been filed in the Lahore High Court.

Four people, including three members of a family, were killed in an alleged shootout in Sahiwal on Saturday. CTD personnel said they had killed a local commander of militant organisation Daesh and three others in the operation. However, eyewitnesses and three children, whose parents were killed, disputed the claim.

Eyewitnesses said the people in the car did not fire at officials, nor were any explosives recovered from the vehicle. Meanwhile, the children said that those killed were their parents and sister and not kidnappers as earlier claimed by the police.

The CTD officials involved in the alleged extrajudicial killing were taken into custody on the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.