It is a wonder how law enforcement agencies many a time forget their actual duty and shift towards the moral policing of the masses. In a recent incident of invasion of privacy, the Safe City Project has been used. The project was installed in cities like Lahore and Islamabad to enhance the security situation and to monitor any suspicious activities. However, a series of photos from the Safe City database has been leaked and what they show instead are images of invasion of privacy. This has caused a huge frenzy on social media and the users are appalled at the audacity of officials to discard the duty that they are supposed to perform and instead use the technology for such an invasion.

This shows that while a very advanced idea might have been introduced in cities to cope up with the challenges of extremism, the officers appointed for the task have not been sensitised towards the use of technology at their disposal. The officers appointed should be provided a framework within which they can act and any person found violating the framework should be held accountable. We have witnessed many instances of invasion of privacy resulting in violence as well. With such technology at their disposal, it is not difficult to gather data and blackmail individuals as well. It is imperative that the government intervenes in this case. Those responsible for the leakage of these images must be made answerable along with a thorough investigation of the working of the Safe City officials.

There is no doubt that the state will move towards incorporating more technology in its day to day matters. This automatically translates into them having control over sensitive data as well concerning the personal sphere of an individual’s life. In order to restrict and eradicate such violations in the future, it is necessary to legislate regarding such matters. Otherwise, we have witnessed the tendency of those in power to shift their focus from actual problems towards the moral policing of people. Many are alleging that the pictures were released by the police department, specifically to target the women in the cars. Such practices should be denounced along with the introduction of comprehensive data protection policies following international best standards.