LOS ANGELES-Sarah Paulson admits shooting 'Glass' with James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson was a ''surreal'' experience.

The 44-year-old actress plays the role of Dr. Ellie Staple, a psychiatrist specialising in delusions of grandeur, in the new superhero movie - which is a sequel to 'Unbreakable' and 'Split' - and Sarah has admitted to relishing the experience of working with the film's star-studded cast.

She confessed: ''The night before I was ... not sleeping and thinking, 'How am I going to do this? How am I going to pull this off?''' Meanwhile, Sarah recently revealed she dreams of starring alongside Bette Midler in 'Ocean's 9'.

The Hollywood star - who appeared in the female-led 'Ocean's 8' last year alongside the likes of Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter - is excited about the prospect of starring in another film in the franchise.

She explained: ''I would like to add Bette Midler to the cast. I think she'd be great, or Emma Thompson. Can't go wrong with either of them. Yeah, let's get them both.''