Premier Imran Khan addressed the World Economic Forum summit in Davos city on Wednesday.

He highlighted the focus of Pakistan on Economic diplomacy and how it revolved around the of pursuing negotiations for peaceful and security purpose. He added that peaceful solution to Afghanistan volatile political situation and Indian opposition. He further said that Pakistan seeks better relations with neighbouring countries. He emphasised that the strategic location will add great benefit to the regional and global trade as long as peaceful process can be ensured in South Asia with special emphasis on Afghanistan. 

PM Khan suggested that the youth forms major part of population and that combining it with untapped minerals and unexplored reserves will form opportunity for benefiting tremendously from combination of resources. He also stressed the religious and historical tourism is priority of Pakistan. He also stated that 2019 was the safest year experienced in Pakistan.  He categorically mentioned that in addition, the Pakistani Government is gearing up efforts to the major focus on strengthening industries for e.g., agricultural productivity. 

According to Foreign Office, PM Khan also discussed the problem in Kashmir. He also stated that any US-Iran conflict will also add strain on budgets and that war is not solution since Afghan and Iraq war witnessed trillions of dollars going down the drain. He emphasised that Pakistan does not want to be part of any war and that US President understood the matter when he spoke to Trump regarding the insecurities arising due to Afghan matter remaining unresolved. He stated that Terrorism is coming into Pakistan from Afghanistan and that both Taliban and Afghan Govt, must sit together to resolve disputes. 70,000 Pakistanis died in the US war against Terrorism. He said that Pakistan an dUS are on same page regarding Afghanistan. He also said that he hopes America will play role to resolve Kashmir issue. 

“Throughout his engagements in Davos, Prime Minister Imran will share Pakistan’s vision and achievements in the areas of the economy, peace and stability, trade, business and investment opportunities,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Office. 

Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines were the models to whom PM Khan referred as Asian growing economies whose model must be taken into account for development. He said that government is undertaking responsibility for removing flaws of educational system by following principles of simplicity in terms of uniform system of education. He added that he feels insulted and uncredited regarding the economic situation when media criticises him despite the fact that 2020 will be the year for socio-economic uplift and great progress. 

At the three-day prestigious event, political leaders, business executives, heads of international organisations and civil society representatives from around the world are engaging for addressing and discussing contemporary economic, geopolitical, social and environmental issues.