US (BBC): People fleeing immediate danger due to the climate crisis cannot be forced to return home, the UN has said. The landmark ruling centres on the case of IoaneTeitiota, whose home - the Pacific Island of Kiribati - is threatened by rising sea levels. Mr Teitiota applied for protection in New Zealand in 2013. The UN rejected his claim, saying he wasn’t in immediate danger, but the wording of its ruling allows others to claim asylum based on climate change. Sending asylum seekers home when their lives are threatened by the climate crisis “may expose individuals to a violation of their rights” - specifically, it said, their right to life. “Given that the risk of an entire country becoming submerged under water is such an extreme risk, the conditions of life in such a country may become incompatible with the right to life with dignity before the risk is realised,” its decision added.

Egypt village turns a profit on used tyres

EGYPT (GN): Residents of the Egyptian village of Mit al-Harun have for decades eked out a living by recycling old tyres into baskets, landscaping materials and alternative fuels. From early morning, workers covered in soot and dust can be seen sharpening their knives to cut huge tyres stockpiled on the village’s roadsides. “The entire village works on recycling damaged tyres,” said 35-year-old Abdelwahab Mohamed outside of his workshop. “We inherited it from our fathers and grandfathers.”