ISLAMABAD - Pakistani courts are facing severe shortage of judges as 1011 posts are lying vacant in High courts and District judiciary, an official document reveals.

The apex court of the country also has a vacant post after the retirement of ex CJP Justice Asif Saeed Khan khosa. According to the official documents, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has vacant positions of 15 judges, at present 45 judges have been working instead of sanctioned strength of 60 judges. Sindh and Peshawar high courts have been facing shortage of 2 judges each, where as Balochistan High Court has been facing shortage of 5 judges, where 10 judges performing their duties on the place of 15 sanctioned posts.

According to the documents, following the Lahore High Court, District Judiciary in Punjab is also facing severe shortage of 782 judges because 1586 judges strength is working instead of 2364 sanctioned strength. The lower Judiciary of Sindh is working with 583 judges where sanctioned strength is 619  Official documents reveal that District Judiciary of Sindh is facing shortage of 36 judges. The District Judiciary of KPK has 84 vacant positions of judges, where 471 judges working instead of 555 judges. The District Judiciary Blochistan has been facing shortage of 52 judges because 223 judges are working against the sanctioned strength of 285 judges.

The District Judiciary of federal Capital Islamabad have sanctioned strength of 103 judges but 80 learned judges have been appointed by the federal government of Pakistan. Islamabad’s judiciary is facing shortage of 23 judges. The document with “The Nation” High Courts of the country have 24 vacant position of judges where as district judiciary is facing shortage of 987 judges.

It is worth mentioning here that despite of 25 percent vacant post of judges, the judiciary of entire country has disposed off 31 lakh cases during last judicial year. Ex CJP Asif Saeed khan khosa had observed that if government appoint all judges on vacant posts the judiciary would decide all pending cases within two years.