SUPREME Court deposed judge Khalilur Rehman Ramday has, in an interview with a private TV channel, rejected the constitutional package proposed by the government maintaining that it is intended to clip the powers of the superior judiciary. He accused the present government of going a step further than the Musharraf regime in containing the authority of the Supreme Court: Musharraf had dismissed a certain number of judges to preserve his rule, he said, while the PPP-led government was trying to limit the role of the judiciary through constitutional amendments. The ruling leadership ought to realise the serious implications of its constitutional package for the future of the country, in the light of Justice Ramday's apprehensions, and make sure that the independence of the judiciary is in no way jeopardised. As an elected government it should respond to the wishes of the people instead of adopting unnecessary delaying tactics, which are impinging upon its performance in dealing a host of problems the people are facing, like the soaring prices, spreading militancy and rampant lawlessness.