It has become a fashion amongst politicians to come out with stereotypical statements like "Musharraf is an illegal President...". This is especially true of Mian brothers, and their partymen big and small, who use these words ad nauseum both in public and on the media. This simply shows their undemocratic mentality. Aren't these people committing a contempt of the Parliament by talking like this about a parliamentary decision? After all, any decision adopted by the Parliament, good or bad, has to be accepted by the opposition as well. If anyone considers the Parliament 2002-2007 to be illegal, they should move court. It's a shame that even somebody like Aitzaz Ahsan, who is considered an authority on law and constitution, is committing this 'crime' openly. I believe such statements are challengeable in a court of law. I wish to draw the attention of the honorable Speaker of the National Assembly towards this matter. As a custodian of the sanctity of parliamentary traditions and practices, it is her duty to take notice of such illegal and irresponsible statements and take appropriate legal action. -SAJID M. ANSARI, Karachi, via e-mail, July 8.