PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari's commitment to keep the coalition going together is commendable indeed. In his meeting with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in Islamabad on Sunday he expressed his concern and in a move that might prove to be of some help said that he would still wait for the PML(N) ex-ministers to reclaim their slots in the Federal Cabinet. There should be little doubt that Mr Zardari is eager to see stability at all levels. But the PPP's approach so far to free the country from different vexing issues hardly seems result-oriented. It is not only driving a wedge between the government and the people, but also becoming a source of growing worry between the coalition partners, tending to isolate one from the other. Going by the different approaches of the PML(N) and the PPP on the issues of the restoration of the deposed judges and the President's impeachment, the coalition stands in grave danger of breaking up one day. To prevent that situation, the two positions have to be reconciled. The question of judges' reinstatement, especially, has brought the PML(N), the legal fraternity and civil society together on one platform. Prevarication on its resolution could have serious consequences since the lawyers have decided even to resort to civil disobedience if their demand is not met. There is urgent need for reflection by the PPP leadership to sort out the divisive issues with the PML(N) for the sake of democracy, which can only be nourished with the cooperative involvement of all major political forces.