TANK - Baitullah Mehsud, chief of Taliban Tehrik, faced another setback when traditional Jirga of Mehsud tribe announced their disassociation from the militant groups and assured to remain peaceful and loyal to the rule of law. Such a decision on the part of Mehsud tribes traditional Jirga could further isolate Baitullah Mehsud. Some one month back, the Ahmadzai Wazir tribal Jirga from Wana South Waziristan, while announcing impartiality, directed militant leader Mullah Nazir to disassociate himself from war between the government and Baitullah Mehsud. The Jirga was held in Tank on Tuesday. Leading tribal elders and representatives of Mehsud tribe attended the Jirga, which aimed at reviewing the existing situation, particularly the confrontation between Baitullah Mehsud and Zain Ud Din Mehsud groups. Besides others Maulana Hassam Ud Din, Malik Rupa Jan, Mufti Faqir Jan, Adam Khan Advocate, Yousaf Barki Advocate, Pir Jehangir Shah and Sardar Ahmad Gul were also present. After discussing in depth the existing issues and challenges, the Jirga members submitted a written memorandum before District Coordination Officer (DCO) Tank, announcing their disassociation from all the militant and extremist groups. The Jirga also promised that Mehsud tribesmen would not extend any sort of support to militant or terrorist groups and would remain loyal to the rule of law. According to the written memorandum, copies of which were also sent to President, Prime Minister, NWFP Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and other high ranking authorities, the Mehsud tribesmen have reaffirmed their loyalty to the country to ensure the writ of law. They also demanded of the government to review the situation regarding the maltreatment with the Mehsud tribesmen on check posts and early withdrawal of restrictions and sanctions against the displaced families throughout NWFP, particularly in Tank, Dera Ismail Khan and Lakki Marwat Districts. The participants had in-depth discussions on the situation, which erupted from the governments decision of military action against the militant groups and also confrontation amongst the militant groups. Such a situation has resulted in wide-ranging hardships for the helpless and innocent tribesmen. Therefore, the Jirga demanded of the government to take early steps for protecting the lives and properties of the people. The participants informed that apart from government sanctions and restrictions, the gun-totting activists of the militant groups were terrorizing the innocent people. The militants were not only involved in target killing and kidnapping of Mehsud tribesmen but were also forcing them to vacate their houses and abandon properties in the area. In such circumstances, the government was required to fulfil its responsibilities, they asserted. Later, a delegation of tribal elders proceeded to the office of District Coordination Officer, Tank and Political Agent South Waziristan Agency and handed over the written memorandum to them. They also held brief discussions with both the administrative officers and assured to remain in contact with them for sorting out all the problems and various issues for their amicable solution.