KARACHI - The confrontation between the Pakistan Air Line (PIA) and Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA) is likely to raise its head, as the negotiation on Working Agreement (WA) seems going into vain, said a reliable source. Both the parties have agreed to sign the WA on July 31, 2009; this was decided in the meeting held between the PIA management, Palpa and Ministry of Defence. But now it seems as if the PIA management is not willing to reach any settlement with the pilots association, said the source. He made it clear that if the WA is not signed on the due date, than the association will go on protest and the PIA management would be responsible for the whole scenario. We have tried our level best to bring the management on table for talk but the way meeting are proceeding, it is apparent that PIA management is not interested to conclude things on table, he added. He said that PALPA has been meeting with the PIA management for negotiation on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, since over two months in order to reach an agreement. But due to absence of different officials of the PIA in these meetings, 6 meetings were left unresolved. These meetings are being attended by President, Vice President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary of Palpa and PIA has been represented by Director Flight Operation, General Manager Planning and scheduling, General Manager Training, General Manager Finance and Deputy General Manager Human resource. The minutes of the meetings are decided at the end for the agreement. The Palpa officials make themselves available for the talks even at the cost of their flights due to which their salaries are being slashed. While on the other hand, the PIA management is not serious in talks and their representation is short in every meeting. It is worth mentioning that this WA is not about the financial benefits. Even in the meetings no financial aspect has been discussed by the management, as they are not authorized to negotiate on financials. These decisions can only be discussed by the PIA MD, who has not attended any of these meetings. We want to make this thing clear that the association is not fighting for their salaries as we know the current financial condition of PIA. We want our jobs to be secure as due to no WA, PIA has issued Show cause notice to 4 pilots under the ordinance 2000, which is for the removal for the services. Two of the pilots have lost their jobs while other two are going through inquiry.