Reko Diq Copper Project is being established in Chaghai area of Baloc-histan as a joint venture with Tethyan Copper Company. It has been stated that Environment Impact Assessment of the project has been completed (The Nation July 18). However, it is not clear whether the gaseous emissions from copper-smelting process have been properly studied or not. Copper ores are basically sulphide compounds of copper, iron, gold and silver. The smelting process of these ores releases large quantities of poisonous sulphur oxides. Unless these poisonous gases are neutralized or converted into sulphuric acid, the smelting process is a great environmental hazard. The same mistake was made in the Saindak Copper Smelting Project by a Chinese company. The sulphuric acid plant of Saindak Project, as originally envisaged by Resource Development Corporation (RDC), was an integral part of the project that was eventually shelved due to flawed policy of the Balochistan government. Instead of producing valuable sulphuric acid as a by-product, Saindak Copper/Gold Project is currently spewing thousands of tonnes of poisonous sulphur dioxide gas into the atmosphere. Where is the Environment Impact Assessment Study of Saindak Copper Project? -ENGR. QASIM IQBAL KHAN, Lahore, July 18.