The assassination of Senator Habib Jalib Baloch has not only shaken Balochistan but a wave of grief and anger has gripped entire Sindh. The conscientious people everywhere are condemning this act of atrocity. We are all of the view that certain elements within the Pakistani state itself are gnawing at its vitals from inside in an attempt to make Aborigines out of whole populations of Sindh and Balochistan. They are organised, armed and well-supported within the countrys establishment and have the potential to undertake massacre and mass murder at a very large scale without any qualms or fears of retribution. They can splatter whole cities in blood in the blink of an eye. The murder of Habib Jalib Baloch is a continuity of the murderous spree that has been going on for years in Sindh. Sindh and Balochistan, though, are very fertile in the intellect and valour that stands up to such a tyranny, sheds his/her life but leaves a legacy of courage for the offspring of his/her nation. The vicious cycle of cruelty and intimidation is not stopping but neither are our sacrifices because we understand they are a necessity of the historical process through which nations free the lands occupied by usurpers. The murderers never learn from history to ever stop murdering, nor do the fighters ever stop sacrificing their lives. Sindh and Balochistan have kept their originality and separate identity intact for a thousand years despite the world around them changing and this they have done despite all the crimes of cruelty against themcrimes as heinous in their severity as this one. -DR MOHAMMAD MATARO HINGORJO, Jamshoro, July 19.