A large bomb has ripped through Norwegian government buildings in central Oslo, causing at least two deaths, multiple injuries and extensive damage. There was no immediate confirmation of what triggered the explosion but Norwegian police confirmed two hours after the blast that it was caused by a bomb. The 17-storey building housing the office of prime minister Jens Stoltenberg bore the brunt of the blast but he was reported by Norwegian media to be safe. NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, reported two people were killed. It quoted one of its journalists as saying: The whole building shook. We thought it was an earthquake. There are people on the streets bleeding. There is glass everywhere. There is chaos here. The windows are blown out of all the nearby buildings. Anders Lande, spokesman for the Norwegian finance ministry, said he felt a huge explosion that shook the nearby finance ministry building and blew out windows. Everyone dived to the floor and then we evacuated, he said.