LAHORE During the last six months (January to June 2011), a total of 3,035 cases of violence were recorded in Punjab, in which 3,301 women and 266 men were victimised, according to the data released by a social organization at a Press conference here on Thursday. Abduction/kidnapping was seen topping the list as the most frequently conducted crime, with a total of 1,069 women falling prey to it. Murder came in second with a total of 611 victims. Out of these, 156 cases were instances of honor killing, and apart from that 96 women were targeted with attempted murder but survived. There were 345 victims of rape/gang rape, and two of these were also cases of incest. Suicide was also seen on a high level, with 278 women committing suicide and 189 attempting to commit suicide, read the report released by the Aurat Foundation. The representatives of the Foundation highlighted that the urban areas showed a higher number of cases of violence irrespective of claiming to be more literate and sensitised. Former MNA Mehnaz Rafi, MPA Sajida Mir, Nabeela Shaheen and other while elaborating the details of the incidents of violence against women said: of the total females victimised in January-June 2011, 1,558 were unmarried, 1,309 married, 43 divorced, 65 widowed and 326 were unknown. The age group distribution, they added, showed that 506 women were less than 18 year of age, 267 women ranged from 19 to 36 years and 61 were above 36 years while the ages of 2467 women were unknown. A total of 3,567people were victimised in these 3,035 cases, they held. The types of offences committed, they detailed, were the acid throwing, burning, domestic violence, early marriage, forced marriage, trafficking, and threat to life, harassment, illegal custody, vani, sexual assault, torture and injury. This is the first bi-annual report covering cases of violence against women in Punjab, from January to June 2011. According to the report, of the total 3,035 cases, 2,542 cases were registered with the police while 103 were not registered and 390 did not have enough information to be registered. Furthermore, they said, 1,404 cases were reported from the rural areas of Punjab, 1,489 from the urban areas, and 142 cases were unknown. It is a very alarming scenario that most of the abusers are husbands, fathers, brothers, relatives, uncles or known. A district wise categorisation of the data shows that Lahore has a large number of violence against women (VAW) cases. According to them; 506 cases registered in the provincial metropolis; 499 in Faisalabad, 220 in Rawalpindi; 168 in Sargodha, 165 in Multan, 143 in Chakwal and 128 cases registered in Sheikhupura. Moreover, they added, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Jhelum, Attock and Okara also showed a reasonably large number of VAW cases. According to the data, 18 women are being victimised on daily basis in the Punjab. On average, the further break-up is as mentioned; five abducted, two murdered, two raped and one suicide per day. Out of the 986 cases of abduction, 1,069 women, and 39 men and children were victimised. Of the 1,069 cases of abduction against women, 741 were unmarried, while 277 were married. Motives behind such cases were reported as choice marriage and revenge. For murder, in 405 cases, 455 women and 62 men were victimised. Most of the murderers were husbands, brothers, sons and fathers due to domestic issues and quarrels. Apart from these, 96 women fell prey to attempts of murder but survived. Lahore reported 59 cases, Faisalabad 38 and Rawalpindi 37, read the report.