LAHORE Convener All Parties Hurriat Conference Ghulam Muhammad Saffi has said that the US and India would fail to remove love of Pakistan from the hearts of Kashmiris. Speaking at Issue of the Day Programme on 'Kashmir Freedom Movement, present situation here at Hameed Nizami Hall on Thursday, he said that a large number of soldiers have been martyred in the so called war on terror. Nawa-i-Waqt, The Nation and Waqt TV jointly organised the event. Ghulam Muhammad Saffi said that martyrdom of less number of soldiers in Kashmir could have freed the held valley from the Indian occupation. He said that the US was not sincere with Pakistan which was evident from its act of not discussing the issue of Ghulam Nabi Fai with ISI Chief Gen Shuja Pasha. Arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai on Hillary Clintons visit to India showed mind-set of the US leadership. Musharrafs four point formula has caused a serious damage to the freedom movement in Kashmir. The rulers in Pakistan have to decide that whether they are interested in Kashmir or trade of onion and potato with India. New generation is not ready to compromise on the sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris, the prominent Kashmiri leader said, adding, the Kashmiris have strengthen the freedom movement with their blood. He urged the rulers in Pakistan to show strength and extend full support to the just cause of freedom of Kashmir from Indian clutches. He said that the Kashmiris would never compromise on the right of self-determination and India would fail to continue illegal occupation. He said that giving freedom to Kashmir was in the interest of India and further delay would cause its humiliation. He urged the political parties in free and occupied Kashmir to take a joint stance over the issue. He said that Kashmiri leadership should be made a part of Pak-India dialogue. He said that the India was using water as war weapon by building spurs and dams over rivers in the illegally occupied territory.