ISLAMABAD - The PepsiCo Foundation provided a $700,000 grant to the American Pakistan Foundation to develop and execute a year-long flood recovery and rehabilitation programme for the most devastated regions of Pakistan, says a press release. The grant is part of a broader PepsiCo Foundation commitment to disaster-relief in Pakistan that has so far totalled $1,000,000. The grant has supported and enabled the American Pakistan Foundation (APF) to work with NGOs in Pakistan to leverage their expertise in addressing some of the countrys most significant recovery challenges after last years torrential rains and mass flooding. The floods last year left severe and serious challenges for Pakistan, and we hope that this multi-faceted approach to recovery and rehabilitation will assist communities that are still recovering from this disaster, said Umran Beba, President, Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo. Awais Khan, CEO, American Pakistan Foundation said on the occasion, that this grant has enabled us to address immediate needs in re-building Pakistan after the floods last year. He said that the Foundations support at a time of immense need is a testament to their commitment to Pakistan, and APF is proud to work with our partners to further our mission of supporting Pakistans long-term development.