Al-Qaeda supporters say they are making an animated childrens film aimed at inspiring them to take up armed struggle with the militant group. Stills were published on the Arabic-language al-Shamouk jihadist website, reported Qulliam, a London-based counter extremism think tank. It said the movie would show heroic acts including armed engagements. But a US government adviser on counter-terrorism expressed doubt that such a cartoon was really being made. The post on the al-Shamouk website was authored by someone calling himself Abu al-Laith al-Yemen, Quilliam said. It quoted him as saying: The cartoon movie al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is a very exciting story. Whether or not this movie actually appears, this shows a significant development in al-Qaedas attitude to the media and to recruitment, said Noman Benotman, a former jihadist and Quilliam analyst. BBC