KARACHI - The PPP government has directed the party cadres at district level to prepare themselves for local government elections, which are likely to be held by the end of this year. A PPP provincial minister told The Nation on Thursday that after reviving the old local government system in Sindh, the PPP government has decided in principle to hold local government elections this year so that the political parties and the people could be engaged in the revived system. The reason behind the decision is to ensure acceptability of the revived system among the people, the party source elaborated, adding that the party has directed the party leadership at district level and the workers to prepare themselves for the elections. Another PPP leader revealed that the party has decided not to 'interfere in Karachis issues and let the MQM win the next elections and bring a mayor of its choice. The sources said that PPP is aiming at wining back its estranged ally MQM by ceding Karachi on the one hand while on the other it wants to further consolidate its overall position in Sindh ahead of the general election, which are expected in 2013 or could be held even before that. Provincial Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani, who is a close aide of President Zardari, has already announced that the government is planning to hold local bodies elections by November this year. Durrani said that all the parties will take part in the local government elections to be held under the revived system.