LAHORE The Punjab Highways Patrol has found four missing children and reunited them with their families. At least one of the children was handed over to the Child Protection Bureau. PHPa Khoi Stop post (Sialkot) found 2 brothers - Azan Khursheed, 4, and Arslan Khursheed, 6 - at Ganna pump. The were found weeping along the road. The patrol party traced out their relatives in a nearby village by making announcements from mosques and handed them over to their brother Irfan Khursheed. PHPs Chicherwali post, in Gujranawala, found seven-year-old Ahmad, of Karachi. The boy was in a distress. The cops tried to trace his relatives, but in vain. Eventually, he was handed over to the Child Protection Bureau in Gujranwala. Meanwhile, the PHPs Tailwala post (Bahawalpur) found a lost child, namely Naveed, aged 11, near the Tailwala bus-stop. He was handed over to his father, namely Allah Wasaya, a resident of 93 DB-Yazman.