RAWALPINDI - Chairman of Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust (NPT) and Editor-in-Chief of The Nation Majid Nizami has said that America, Israel and India are the biggest enemies of Pakistan and are engaged in vicious activities to destabilize our country. "India has illegally occupied Kashmir, which is the jugular vain of Pakistan, and the "Troika of Devils" does not want the solution of core issue of Kashmir. Therefore, time has come for Pakistan and the nation to get ready to wage a war against India to get Kashmir back," he added. Majid Nizami said this while addressing the Pakistan Paindabad Conference, organized by Nazaria Pakistan Forum Rawalpindi President and Chairman Rawalpindi Cantt Group of Colleges Prof. Naeem Qasim at a local hotel here on Thursday. NPT Islamabad President General (Retd) Abdul Qayyum, Awami Muslim League (AML) President Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Managing Director Zumurad Khan, Pakistan Green Task Force (PGTF) President Dr Jamal Nasir, Jammat-e-Islami office-bearers Fareed Ahmed Paracha, City Ameer Rizwan, Hafiz Sajjad Qamar, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chief's Media Advisor Syed Zahid Kazmi, PML-N Rawalpindi President Akhter Mehmood Advocate, Zaib-un-Nisa, former NA Speaker Nawaz Khokher, former MNA Sarwar Khan, Prof Nazarul-Islam, senior journalists, columnists, educationists, intellectuals, students of various colleges and universities and a large number of people belonging to various walks of life also attended the conference. While speaking on the occasion, NPT Chairman Majid Nizami said that it was his beautiful dream that Pakistan should be made Pakistan of Quaid-i-Azam in real terms adding that they also pledged in NPT that no stone would be left upturned to make Pakistan strong. However, some friends termed Pakistan as a banana state. No doubt, conspiracies were being hatched against the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan and no one else but "Troika of Devil" was very active in this regard. India so far has not accepted "The Two Nations Theory" and the separation of the Sub-Continent and engaged in massacre in Kashmir, he said. Nizami also said that there must be a war between Pakistan and India on water issue. "India is constructing dams at rivers (flowing from Kashmir to Pakistan) conspiring to turn our lands into waste," the NPT Chairman said, adding that the country would convert into a desert if it failed to free its jugular vein from India. He said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited India and asked Pakistan to root out terrorism camps from Pakistani soil or else America would herself take action against terrorists. He said that Hillary also appointed India as "Thanidar" of South Asia, which was a major threat to peace and harmony of the region. Editor-in-Chief The Nation said that he was thankful to Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who gave the atom bomb to Pakistan. He said that he pressed the then Premier Nawaz Sharif for atomic bomb nests at a time when others including American President were barring him to do so. He said that the Pakistan's missile technology is the best technology of the world. Recalling one of his meetings with former General (Retd) Pervaz Musharraf soon after 9/11, Nizami said that Mush had summoned a meeting of editors of national dailies and he (Nizami) was sitting near Musharraf when the General asked him to shoot any question. He said that first he refused but later he asked as to why the General had surrendered before Collin Powel after his one call. "On this, Musharraf immediately ended the meeting and sent a message to him "You are an arrogant person and I have decided not to invite you next in any meeting". In reply, Majid Nizami said, he sent a message to Musharraf that "He also does not want to see his (Mush) face again". Later, once former Governor Punjab Lt General (retd) Khalid Maqbool also invited him in a meeting, which was to be participated by Mush, but he refused and replied Maqbool to ask Musharraf to call him for the purpose. "Former Military dictator General (retd) Musharraf is beating the drum that he will return Pakistan on March 23, 2012, but here I give a good news to the nation that he will never come back to Pakistan," Nizami stated. He said that Pakistan came into being with the power of ballot and would exist with the power of ballot. He hoped that the next elections would definitely be held and asked the nation to elect their representatives carefully. He said that all the political parties were engaging in point scoring and getting their vested interests. The PML of Chaudhry brothers, which was once dubbed as 'Qatil League' by PPP, has joined PPP in central government. PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif also wasted his three years by playing the role of friendly opposition. There was no friendly opposition in democratic set-up rather opposition was just opposition. It was said that elder Mian and young Chaudhry did not let the PML join, but PML-N and PML-Q should emerge as it was the party formed by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Nizami said adding, "I request the party Quaids not to divide Jinnah's party". He said that Interior Minister Sindh Manzoor Wasan saw a dream that MQM would again form coalition with PPP and the Governor would assume his charge again and his dream got materialized. "Now, I predicted that MQM ministers would also re-assume their portfolios again," he mentioned. PPP came into power with the slogan of "Roti, Kapra and Makan" but had badly failed to provide these basics of life to the masses, NPT Chairman said, adding that price hike, unemployment and lawlessness had encircled Pakistan. Pakistan needed sincere, devoted, honest and educated politicians, who could put the country on the track of prosperity and development but unfortunately the situation was not so. He said that General (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg asked Army to take over the government and form a national set-up and hold elections. He said that the responsibility of Army was to guard borders of the country not to rule the nation. "Liberty is a blessing of God and those who do not believe in it should go to India and see how Hindu women are living in poor conditions in Utter Pradesh (UP) India". He said, "The followers of "Aman ki Aaasha" alleged that Niazmi always talked about war with India and use of atom bomb and this is not the era of war. I would say here that when the enemy is like India then Pakistan should be ready all the time for war against her." Nizami was of the view that he participated in the Pakistan Movement and faced hardships in this regard. He said that it was the need of the hour to tell the new generation that after how many sacrifices Pakistan came into being. Nizami said that Ghulam Haider Wayne made NPT and allocated funds in millions. He said that so far NPT had imparted ideological education among 3,500 children. He said that NPT had also been running "Summer School" for the last ten years. He said that Pakistan Paindabad Conferences would also be organized across the country including Kashmir. Majid Nizami asked PBM MD Zumurad Khan to not only look after the 3000 orphan children but also do something for those children of Pakistan who cannot pay for school fee, books, roti, uniform and other necessities of life. In his remarks, AML President Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that though corruption, unemployment, dishonesty, lawlessness and bad governance had marooned the country yet he believed in Pakistani youth that they would steer the country out of all the crises. He said that the conferences that the trust was also organizing Pakistan Paindabad conferences all over in Pakistan including Kashmir and taking oath from the masses to dedicate their lives and deeds for the welfare and betterment of Pakistan. Baig Raj, a renowned columnist, read out the message of NPT Vice Chairman and former Vice Chancellor Punjab University Prof Dr Rafique, before the audience. In the message, he said that the imperial forces were hatching conspiracies to create a mess in Pakistan but the nation should not disanointed in such circumstances rather follow the teachings of Islam, Quran and Prophet (PBUH) as well as founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal to tackle these conspiracies. "Though Pakistan had came into being, yet the Pakistan Movement is still continuing. Pakistan would complete by geographically and by ideologically only when Kashmir would become its part," said JI office bearer Fareed Ahmed Paracha. PGTF President Dr Jamal Nasir was of the view that the only problem Pakistan was confronting with was that every political party told lie with the nation. In his remarks, Zumarad Khan said that Pakistan was not engulfed in dangers anymore rather its defense was in safe hands. "Majid Nizami is a revolutionary personality equipping with the power of pen. A pen is more powerful than hundreds of cannons. I would request Majid Nizami to take oath from the whole nation of serving Pakistan by airing on PTV and in Radio Pakistan on 14 August". NPT Islamabad President General (retd) Abdul Qayyum termed Majdi Nizami as "Field Marshal of Ideological Borders". He said that Pakistan was engulfed with dangers both within and without. Former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Haji Nawaz Khokher, while addressing the audience, said that Pakistan's defence was strong. He said that the forces of 40 nations the NATO have been in action in a war against Afghanistan for the last ten years but could not achieve their goals while Pakistan was an atomic power, therefore, whether it was India or America, no body could harm Pakistan. "Americans, Indian and other infidels fear from death. And in this situation, only 5 to 7 suicide bombers will be enough to teach a lesson to India and America," Nawaz added.