KARACHI - The three terrorists killed in the blast inside a residential apartment in a Karachi neighbourhood on Saturday were associated with the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, police findings suggested.

The explosion in the multi-storey building in Patel Para area killed three terrorists – Matiullah, Subhan and Akbar Aka Bukhari – and wounded another, namely Imran, on Saturday evening.

Law enforcers investigating the injured terrorist at Civil Hospital Karachi said all the three dead men had links with LeJ and were experts in making bombs. They resided in Lines Area, they added.

According to reports, the three terrorists had been arrested by Crime Investigation Department in the past, but they were all released on bails a few months after their arrests. Investigations established they belonged to the Asif Ramzi group of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Ramzi had allegedly been involved in many high-profile cases of terrorism, including kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl, and the attack outside the US Consulate in Karachi and parcel bombings. Asif Ramzi, chief of the Ramzi faction, along with his three companions was killed in an explosion in a house in Korangi area in 2002 when they had mishandled some explosive devices. Asif Chohtu then took the charge. Sources believed Chohtu was now operating the group from northern area of the country.

According to police, Imran, the suspect being interrogated at Civil Hospital Karachi, was affiliated with another banned outfit, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan. Police said they found SSP donation receipts from his house.

Police said the building where the explosion took place was owned by Ayub, who was currently abroad, and his brother, Mansoor Ali Shah, had leased the apartment through a property dealer Ali Zaman. Shah and Zaman had both been detained for questioning. Meanwhile, police have registered an FIR of the explosive act in connection with the attack on KMC Commissioner Matant Khan in Essa Nagri area on the complaint of his driver, Haroon.

, who also got wounded in the attack.