The families of a youth who was lynched by a landlord and his accomplices in Sheikhupura and of a minor girl who was slaughtered in a broad daylight in Sadiqabad have complained against police apathy urging the Punjab chief minister to order early arrest of the perpetrators.

In Sheikhupura, the four people of village Gorian Wali allegedly involved in a barbaric and shameful act could not so far been arrested. Unidentified thieves cut trees from the land of the landlord. Suspecting that barber Afzaal has committed the act, the landlord called him at his outhouse. Along with three other accomplices Abid, Taj Din and Ramazan, he tied the barber up with a tree and beat up him with clubs, iron roads and sticks.

After being thrashed, Afzaal, who was observing fast, fell unconscious. He was taken to the DHO Hospital succumbed to the injuries before any medical treatment. The deceased’s father, Ramazan told this scribe that the Manawala police have not registered a case against the influential landlord. He demanded that the chief minister, inspector general of police and the district police officer should look into the matter and provide them with early justice.

In Sadiqabad, police have failed to trace the murder of the eight-year-old girl, Wajiha Qadir, who was slaughtered by unknown perpetrators at her home in village Latifabad. Unknown person(s) barged into the house of Abdul Qadir in broad daylight and killed his daughter by tying her hands behind her back.

The victim’s father and brother made repeated attempts to inform the police about the murder on phone but the calls at 15 were not received by the police. Later, they called at the DPO Office phone number and sensitised the person who received the call to the murder. In response to the call, the police reached the site.

 The family of the victim expressed their concern over the police apathy and demanded that the Punjab chief minister should take a stern action against the police and order early arrets of the perpetrators.