KARACHI -  A number of beggars have entered into the port city of Karachi from across the country on minting-money trip during Ramazan month.

Despite the fact that Karachi, considered an economic hub, has already been under attack of beggars throughout the year, but during Ramazan, the beggars rushed to the city for their financial interests and worked freely in the city under the shelter of law enforcement agencies.  

According to the reports, the children are kidnapped from different parts of the country and used in this grimy business. On the other hand, the female beggars are also used in prostitution but according to the law, the provision of sexual services to another person in return for payment is prohibited. A survey, conducted by the Karachi University’s (KU) Centre for Excellence, reveals that hundreds of women beggars are involved in the prostitution in the city and the reason for this prostitution is poverty. 

KU Sociology Department head Dr KAneez Fatima, while talking to The Nation, said that during the Ramazan month, a number of deserving people come from interior Sindh for financial help, as the citizens spend huge amount of money in charity works. On the other hand, the beggars’ mafia targets Karachi with cooperation of agencies, she maintained.

“The mafia hires the children on rupees 500 to 600 per day especially in the holy month. They adopt the same strategy in Muharram, Ramazan, Eid, Grand Eid, Rabi-ul-Awwal for minting money”, she said. 

She said the unemployment and the poverty are the major causes behind rising of beggary. She pointed out the government needs to put attention towards this bleeding issue so that the future of children can be saved, while the criminals who keep kidnapping children must be punished.

A police official, on the condition of anonymity, told The Nation that many beggars are involved in crimes related to kidnapping of children. He said the beggars’ mafia are very power full, they use huge amount of money to make the law enforcement agencies quiet and lethargic.