CAIRO : Experts met Sunday to begin amending a divisive constitution rammed through by ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, while his Islamist supporters called for intensified rallies in Cairo demanding his reinstatement.

Forging ahead with an army "roadmap" for political transition, the country's caretaker cabinet also gathered for its first meeting focussed on security and the economy following deadly violence at rallies calling for Morsi's return. Foreign minister Nabil Fahmy launched a public relations campaign, meanwhile, to boost the army-backed administration's credibility abroad.

On the domestic front, a newly appointed panel of four university professors and six judges began talks on drafting a new constitution at the Shura Council, or upper house of parliament, the official MENA news agency said. In the wake of the July 3 coup, Egypt's new leadership suspended the constitution that had been drawn up by an Islamist-dominated panel and adopted by referendum in December with a majority of 64 percent.