BAHAWALPUR - Rs.798.825 million had been recovered by the Excise Department Bahawalpur against the target of Rs.977.523 million in the year 2012-13.

The percentage remained 82pc while 92pc target was achieved in 2011-12. New property survey is being conducted by the Excise Department after the laps of thirteen years. Last survey was conducted in the year 2000.  Life time token tax for the vehicles up to the power of 1000cc had been fixed Rs.10,000/- and extended its last date up to 30th September 2013. Government of Punjab is doing contracts with Number Plate Makers on local level for the easy availability of Number Plates.

This was stated by the Director Excise & Taxation Bahawalpur Imran Aslam while talking to the Daily The Nation exclusively. He said that we recovered Rs.2.201 million against the target of 0.342 million on account of Entertainment Tax.

We achieved the 98pc target of Property Tax and Motor Vehicle Tax while 135pc recovery was made in Hotel tax. He further said that the Rs.46.158 million was fixed as target against Excise Duty which could not achieve due to order of Lahore High Court on spirit because Government of Punjab imposed tax on spirit on the ratio of Rs.2/- per litter. He said that the overall recovery position remained satisfactory.

He said Government of Punjab is giving the incentive of Life Time Token Tax on vehicles up to the powers of 1000cc and fixed the Tax of Rs. 10000/-. Owners of the vehicles should come forward and enjoy this facility because Government extended its last date up to 30th September. After last date 100pc fine will be imposed on these vehicles. He said tax already paid should be adjusted from life time token fee.