ISLAMABAD  -  The FIA once again failed to arrest former EOBI chairman Zafar Gondal as he was not present when the agency on Sunday raided at his F-6/4 sector residence in Islamabad.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) learnt through its sources that Zafar has a house in that posh area. But apparently the officials did not have sufficient intelligence to ensure that the fugitive head of Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) would be there at the time of their raid. All the FIA found there was a servant who as per his statement knew nothing about Zafar’s movement. The servant however confirmed that Zafar would visit the place every now and then and the last time he was there was just few days back.

The FIA is now planning to confiscate the said property of the former EOBI boss, who is accused of making billions of rupees through corruption in the purchase of land for the institution.

An FIA official told The Nation on condition of anonymity that it was not that much difficult to locate such a high profile person. After all, the former EOBI chief is not a hardened criminal or a dacoit who is hiding in some jungle with his gang. If the agency is serious about arresting him, it could trace him and arrest him in few days.