ISLAMABAD - Punjab Minister for Energy and Minerals Chaudhry Sheir Ali Sunday said that alternative energy potential should be exploited to overcome energy crisis in the country.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of ‘Tesla Solar Panels Assembly’ organised by Tesla Industries the minister said that collective efforts needed and every individual should have to contribute its role for resolving this issue.

He said that use and production of solar energy was increasing in the world and Germany was producing 22000MW solar energy but Pakistan has far more sun-shining hours thus having much potential in this regard.

Sheir Ali said that during the recent visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to China, energy remained main focal point of their meetings with country’s leadership.

He said that Punjab government was initiating the solar plant project on 5000 acre in Cholistan, adding a delegation of Chinese company arriving here on Monday and would visit Lahore on July 25 to finalize the agreement.

The minister said that UPS technology was a big drainage of electricity which was wasting almost 1000 MW in Punjab and 2500 MW in overall the country.

He said that government was utilizing all the available resources to overcome energy crisis and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif would announce the energy policy soon.

He said that government would facilitate the investors in energy sector.

He also appreciated the efforts of Tesla industries and congratulated for the completion of solar panels project.

Earlier, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tesla, Aamir Hussain said that government and industry could overcome the energy crisis with the collective efforts.

He said that the country was facing 3000 to 5000 MW shortfall in power due to inconsistent policies of previous governments.

He highlighted the energy resources of Pakistan and said that hydel, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass potentials exist in the country.

The CEO informed about the packages of solar panels having the capacity of 10 KW to 50 KW for commercial use, 1.5 to 20 KW for tube wells and in industrial or commercial application ranging from 20 KW to 250 KW.