I am a fifty year old man. The year I was born Mr. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and when I turned 26 years he was freed from his solitary confinement! 26 years of imprisonment, including years of solitary confinement did not waver Mr Mandela’s resolve and mission. He is now nearing 95 years and is hospitalised for over a month. He is a man whom the world celebrities would like to meet. I want to salute him and thank him for being the beacon of hope for the oppressed people around the world. This planet earth is so much richer and a great place to live where we have persons like him. My prayers are with him. May God Almighty bless him with good health. May he always rest easy, and may the oppressors take a leaf out of his book and, pause and reflect, on their actions on the oppressors around the world.

Thank you, Mr Mandela for being a part of my life. I feel proud to be a part of the human race because of you I have hope in the ultimate triumph of humanity and human values over the forces of oppression.


Lahore, July 16.