LAKKI MARWAT - Elders of Abakhel and Dallokhel tribes have demanded of the provincial government to launch work on cadet college project without any delay to provide the youths with an opportunity to get quality education near their homes.

The demand was made at a meeting held here on Sunday with a retired college teacher and leader of Tehrik Tahaffuz Haqooq-e-Marwat, Haji Zarwali Khan Marwat. Among others a former nazim Johar Muhammad, Resham Khan, Barkatullah and Ameen Shah attended the meeting.

The elders said at the meeting that the previous ANP-led government approved the cadet college project for the district and the residents of Abakhel provided their lands for it. “But some political elite made the project controversial in those days so as to hinder launching work on it for their own vested interests,” they told. They said that anti-education elements succeeded to put the mega project of education sector in cold storage and ANP government could not initiate work on it in the last months of its five years tenure.

“The cadet college project is a matter of life and death for the residents of entire district as it will help promote education and usher in a new era of educational development in the area,” they maintained. They said that the PTI government should take up the matter seriously and order quarters concerned to launch work on the project forthwith.