KARACHI - The Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Managing Director has expressed his deep concern on lack of serious action against bogus mineral companies by Pakistan Standard Quality Authority (PSQCA), here on Sunday.  In a statement, he said that it is PSQCA’s responsibility to inspect and certify branded and local food products. They have the right to take action against below standard products including mineral water and set standards, however PSQCA does not take any action in this regard.

KW&SB has also pointed out this grave issue to Director PSQCA Shabbir however no serious actions has been taken despite the fact that Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) found 27 mineral samples out of 86 collected from 14 cities including Karachi below health standard and injurious to health. Karachi is the biggest hub for the production of such below standard products and the situation calls for an immediate grand operation, said M.D KW&SB.

PSCQCA has taken some measures in this regard but they are not enough to bring down these rackets. It is vital that PSQCA, Department of Health and KW&SB carry out a joint grand operation to ensure public safety. Samples collected from April-June have clearly identified the problem and proves KW&SB’s stance on the matter. He said that KW&SB is carrying out an operation against bogus mineral water companies selling below standard boring water under attractive labels but due to lack of action from other authorities the operation is not as effective as it must be, it is vital that PSQCA and other concerned departments carry out a joint operation. As per 1996 ACT KW&SB is the only institution authorised to supply water to the citizens and maintain international standard through chlorination and filtration. These bogus mineral water companies not only put citizens at risk but also violate KW&SB tariff by stealing water from KW&SB lines through illegal connections leading to billions of rupees in revenue loss.

MD KW&SB has requested higher authorities to pay attention to this important matter and canceling all licences, authorise KW&SB to issues licences after proper inspection of the facilities and water sampling. He said that KW&SB teams have been raided such entities and during the operation 14 bogus mineral water companies have been brought down, more than 60 illegal connections were disconnected, 60 bottles, 9 motors, chemicals, filters and other material was confiscated. FIRs have also been lodged in concerned police stations.

Furthermore, M.D KW&SB directed revenue officers to continue their operation against bogus mineral water companies and requested citizens that if they know about any such companies operating in their locality they can inform M.D Camp Office at 99245155, 99244595-6 and their name would not be disclosed. He thanked citizens who understanding their responsibility reported such factories and hoped that other Government/ social circles and citizens would cooperate with KW&SB.