LAHORE  - Jamaat e Islami staged a sit-in at The Mall on Sunday to protest the ouster of the elected government of Egypt.

Protesters, who were carrying placards and posters, condemned the military coup in Egypt, and demanded restoration of the elected government of Dr Muhmmad Mursi.  Addressing the demonstration, Jamaat chief Munawar Hasan said the military coup in Egypt against an elected government had been planned in Washington to protect Israel from a possible threat. He said the double standards of the West and its enmity towards Islam had jeopardized the world peace. “US agenda since long had been to obstruct the democratic process in Muslim states and support dictatorship there, to create anarchy in the Muslim world, divide the Ummah and harm their solidarity.

He said millions of Egyptian people were on roads against the ouster of their elected government, but the world was asleep.  The most shameful attitude at the ouster of an elected government among the Muslims states was from Pakistan and some other states that were remaining silent and were not ready to protest against this oppression, he added. 

The Jamaat chief said the Egyptian people demonstrating in support of Dr Mursi were being subjected to the worst form of torture and hundreds of them had been shot dead due to firing of troops and shelling from helicopters. He also noted that the number of the protesters was increasing with each passing day despite the state oppression. He further said that Washington wanted to push Egypt into a civil war like Syria to put an end to any threat to Israel’s existence. He said that in Bangladesh, a so-called war crimes tribunal set up by Hasina Wajid had announced death sentence to Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh secretary general, but the world was silent over that.

Hasan said people in Muslim countries were true followers of Islam and their majority was always ready to make every sacrifice for Islam that’s why liberalism and secularism could not get roots in the Muslim states despite the best efforts of the west and pro-West rulers.

The US, he said, loved a democratic system for itself but if any Islamic movement came to power in any Muslim country through a democratic process, Washington toppled it through a coup and lent support to military dictators. He said that a similar game was played in Algeria years ago, while US conspiracies in this respect were also continuing in Sudan, Turkey, and some other Islamic countries.