LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday said that PML-N government was working on a three-point agenda to address the problems facing the people. 

“The government is working on finding a solution to energy crisis, changing Thana culture and elimination of bribery”, he said while talking to party legislators belonging to Sahiwal division at Chief Minister’s Office here.

He said that PML-N has been given a historic mandate in general elections for overcoming energy crisis and provision of justice to the people.

The Chief Minister said that there was a need to make collective efforts to honour this mandate by serving the masses selflessly.

He said that there could not be two opinions about the fact that energy crisis had left a negative impact on national economy and besides destroying agriculture and industrial sector, also increased the problems of the common man.

He said that state of the art facilities had been provided at Forensic Science Agency set up by Punjab government for the investigation of heinous crimes on scientific lines.

He said that former rulers showed criminal negligence towards energy sector. Shahbaz said that PML-N government was taking measures on war-footing to resolve energy problem.

He said that circular debt was being repaid, a crackdown was continuing against power and gas thieves and line losses were being controlled.

Shahbaz expressed the hope that energy crisis will be overcome with the grace of Allah Almighty, cooperation of the masses and the effective measures taken by the government.

He said that big fish were also being netted in the drive against gas and electricity theft while the government officials involved will also have to face punishment for their misdeeds. He said that cooperation of public representatives was of utmost importance in the campaign against electricity and gas theft.

He said that pilferage of power and gas was also a cause of energy crisis and an indiscriminate crackdown was continuing against the elements involved in electricity and gas theft in Punjab irrespective of their social status.

He said that he had made it clear to administrative and police officers not to care for any political affiliation or pressure in the campaign against power and gas thieves and the crackdown against such criminals be continued irrespective of any consideration.

He said that PML-N government has promised to the nation a change in Patwari and Thana culture and it will honour its promise at any cost and justice will be ensured to the masses. Shahbaz said that he as well as every Provincial Minister will have to be accountable for his performance and those serving the people with commitment and dedication will be given due honour and respect.

He stressed upon Ministers and government officers to keep their doors open for the general public and spare no effort in resolving the problems of the people.

The MPAs congratulated Chief Minister Punjab on the historic victory of PML-N in general elections and informed him about the ongoing development activities and problems of their respective areas.