ISLAMABAD  - Former Ogra chairman Tauqir Sadiq, involved in the multi-billion scam, would be produced before Accountability Court-1 Islamabad tomorrow and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) may request for more 14-day physical remand of the accused, sources told The Nation on Sunday.

The course of interrogation and investigation is underway and the accused have to disclose many links and sources he used during his escape from Pakistan, the sources further added.

During the course of investigation 44 bank accounts and credit cards found in his name and his benami beneficiaries have been traced by the NAB and placed under caution, the sources added.

The money has already been siphoned out from almost all the bank accounts and credit cards as evident from their statements even before the initiation of the process of placement of caution, the sources added.

According to the details about the bank accounts, Tauqir has seven bank accounts on his own name as A/c number 010-4619-4(UBL) civic center branch Islamabad, 06-6471714-01 (Standard Chartered) Blue area, 061302010114811 (MCB) civic center, 065502010113647 (MCB) Wah Cantt, 332-339581026 (Faisal Bank) F-7 Markaz Islamabad, 332-339581018 (Faisal Bank) F-7 Markaz Islamabad, and A/C number 332-339581042 (Faisal Bank) F-7 Markaz Islamabad, the sources added.

Similarly, Tenvir Sadiq, the brother of Tquir, has 23 bank accounts in different commercial banks as A/C number 0028-01022758 (Alflah) Gulberg Lahore, 4025-8100-6415-9002 (Alflah) Gulberg Lahore, 691-1954-4 of (UBL) Urdu Bazzar Lahore, 691-1954-4 (UBL) civic center Islamabad, 11-0102717-01 of (Standard Chartered) Blue Area, 096701010014083 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, 088801010030192 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, 0034194241000973 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, 0033209331003482 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, 096731010000293 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, 4934650000138581 (MCB) Bank Limited, Credit Card number 01-200-3110-0 (Allied Bank Temple Road Lahore,331-231568037 (Faysal Bank) Upper Mall Lahore, 331-231568002 (Faysal Bank) Upper Mall Lahore, 0135-00735898-01 Habib Bank Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam  Lahore, 01357000023203 Habib Bank Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore, 0135109009703 Habib Bank Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore, 0545-79002960-039 (Habib Bank) Model Town Lahore, 01002-48544-012 (Al Barka Bank )Joher Town Lahore, 03700000043 (Meezan Bank) Akber Chowk Lahore, 2001693584 (Silk Bank) Model Town Lahore, 5140-9950-1442 (Askari Bank) and 0059-200169358 (Silk Bank) Model Town Brach Lahore, the sources added.

In the same way, Taufeeq Mehmood Sadiq, the brother of Tauqir Sadiq, has seven bank accounts in different commercial banks as A/C 4025-8101-7389-6007 (Bank Alflah) Gulberg Lahore, 0078-000108-50-2 (Bank Al-Habib) Walton road Lahore, 096702010098908 (MCB) Model Town Lahore, Credit Card number 334-5254520060128302 (Faysal Bank) Cavalary Road Lahore, 1-3-1-20311-714-115373 Arif Habib Bank DHA Lahore, 012039114201 Saudi Pak Commercial Bank and A/C number 5140-9971-0668-1007 (Askari Bank) Gulberg Lahore, the sources added.

Rest of the seven accounts were in different names as A/C number 12490012066601 of Habib Bank Gulberg Lahore is in the name of Muhammad Tahir Awan, 0172-79000074-01 of the same bank branch is possessed by the same person, the sources added.

One A/C number 6-2-25-20311-714-102534 of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited is owned by Unique Books and other one A/C numbers 02000003156 of Meezan Bank Akber Chowk Lahore is owned by B.S.A Traders, the sources added.

Similarly, A/C number 6-2-69-20610-714-143155 of Habib Metropolitan Bank Riawind Road Lahore is a common account of Saleem Kashmiri and Tenvir Sadiq, the sources added.

One A/C number 154701010004810 of MCB bank College Road Burewala is in the name of ITTEFAQ Flying Coach Shehzad Saleem and A/C number 0442-79002035-01 of (HBL) Wahdat Road is in the name of Waseem Sadiq, the sources added.