KARACHI - The political workers and right activists have suggested the senior political leaders to come forward, bring two sides Kutchhi and Baloch together and end the prevailing fear and tension among the masses.

Sindh Aurat Tehreek’s Salma Junejo, sharing her views with The Nation said that Lyari violence has different causes. She recalled that before 1980's Lyari was a hub of the progressive and democratic politics, particularly the nationalist politics of Sindh but the state institutions got frightened of progressive and nationalist politics, turned Lyari into a living-hell through the anti politics phenomenon of violence and gun-culture.

While holding the present and past governments responsible for increasing violence in Lyari, she said the governments didn’t pay any attention on the situation of the important area which was the hub of democratic and educational activities. Leader of Sindh Aurat Tehreek, which creating awareness among the women about their rights, added that Lyari takes its share of rulers’ overall anti-politics policies. In order to confront the democratic and secular forces, the ruling clique created, nurtured and supported religious, sectarian and ethnic groups. These groups have developed into a specter that is hunting the whole country. She said that Karachi particularly is a victim of both religious and ethnic outfit thriving on the force of gun. These groups have divided Karachi into the areas of their respective influence which they want to maintain at any cost including the human lives. Lyari is no exception to that phenomenon.

“Along with state institutions, the political parties are also responsible for this situation who developed and supported the culture of violence and who replaced books with guns and substituted argument with oppression”, Salma Junejo concluded. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Deputy Secretary General Imran Ismail in his statement said the relocation of local residents shows that the Sindh government had failed in protecting the people of Karachi.

After a meeting with a delegation representing Kutchhi Community of Lyari at PTI Central Media Center, Imran Ismail said, “It is the custom of ineligible rulers that they form committees over the issues but they never worked out. In the same fashion, a committee has been formed for the Kutchi Community issues that is similar to reigniting the fire. Instead of giving out the gimmicks, the Sindh government should provide a peaceful environment to the residents of Lyari and call the moved families back to their homes.”

The delegates of Kutchi Community appreciated the moral support expressed by the PTI leadership and said that it is the only political party which is free from racism, sectarianism and other factors creating divisions among the nation.

Meanwhile, the civil society activist Elahi Bux Baloch suggested the senior political activists and elders of Lyari to come forward and bring two sides together on table. He proposed to organise a solidarity conference, where representatives of Kutchhi and Baloch communities must sit on table with a promise to live with love and tranquility in the area.