The flood water level on Sunday started receding in the flooded rivers Chenab, Jammu Munaawar and Tavi and flooded seasonal Nullahs Dek, Aik and Palkhu in Sialkot district.

The rescue activities were underway by the district administration, Civil Defence and Rescue 1122 workers in the flood-hit areas in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils. The district administration claimed that the flood situation was totally under control. The DCO supervised these relief activities in the flood-hit areas.

According to the Irrigation Department officials, the level of floodwater on Sunday dropped to a great extant to 86,074 cusecs in River Chenab at Head Marala near Sialkot from overnight’s peak of 136,000 cusecs which passed through River Chenab during the night between Saturday and Sunday. About 6000 cusecs water flow was there in River Tavi near Saidpur-Bajwat.

DO (Coordination) Malik Abid Hussain said that the flood level was also receding in flooded Nullahs Aik and Dek, as the flow of flood water was 5,000 cusecs in Nullah Dek and  8,000 cusecs in Nullah Aik.

The 20-feet breach occurred in Nullah Dek near village Lessar Kalan-Zafarwal and 25-feet wide breach occurred in Naullah Aik near Rohail Garha-Sialkot due to floods in the Saturday evening. But now these nullahs have been repaired by the district administration, said DCO Sialkot Iftikhar Ali Sahu told the media.

In Sialkot city, the flood water splashed over the banks of Nullah Aik near Sialkot city’s congested Naikapura and Bogarha due to which the flood water entered into the houses inundating several urban areas of Sialkot city in Saturday evening.

On Sunday, the flood water splashed over the banks of Naullah Aik near Uggoki and Bhopalwala (Sambrial tehsl) inundating 45 villages (30 villages near Uggoki and 15 villages near Bhoplawala). The standing crops on hundreds of acres of land were also inundated in these villages. Four to five-feet flood water was playing havoc in Uggoki villages near Sialkot.

As many as 27 villages of Pasrur tehsil were inundated due to flooded Naullah Dek on Saturday. The floodwater splashed over the banks of Nullah Dek near Pasrur tehsil’s Chahoor village due to recent rains in Sialkot region.

Three to four feet high floodwater was still standing there in Pasrur tehsil’s flood hit 27 villages including Jabbokey, Nawaadhey, Chahoor, Machchaana,  Eispur, Seehowal, Mehtabpur, Hunjali, Tharo Mandi, Shehzada, Bharat, Khewa Bajwa, Saarh Fatah, Punjgrayeen Bajwa, Rasulpur. Jeestiwala, Qila, Kaka Pan, Punj Graayien Bajwa, Sojowali and Saarh Fataah.

The flow of flood water in Naullah Dek was reducing near village Mehtabpur-Hunjali, Pasrur tehsil here after this noon. The standing seasonal crops on hundreds of acres of land were also inundated in Pasrur tehsil. As many as 17 villages of Zafarwal tehsils including Kholi, Lessar Kalan , Harbanspura, Chachani Bagariyaan, Kakiyaal, Pindiyaal, Pindi Devniyaan and  Ooncha Kalan were inundated.

Several unpaved and muddy houses collapsed and several cattle were also flowed in flood water in these villages. Several electricity pylons  and trees were also uprooted due to which the supply of electricity was lying suspended there in these villages for the last 30 hours. Assistant Commissioner Zafarwal Imtiaz Shahid Gondal told the newsmen that the floodwater level was no receding in said villages. However, the relief activities were on there.

Local trader Mehmood Akhtar’s minor son Abdul Rehman was killed and six other persons of his family were injured seriously as the roof of a room collapsed during heavy rain in village Tolla-Shakargarh on Saturday. The family was sleeping in the room when the roof suddenly caved in killing the child on the spot.

After visiting the above mentioned flood-hit areas, the Sialkot District Officer said that the situation was under control in said flood-hit villages. On Friday and Saturday, the water level soured up in all the three rivers Chenab, Jammu Munaawar and Tavi and seasonal Nullahs Aik, Dek, Palkhu and Bhed, flowing Sialkot district.

The water level soured up as the flow of water was 136,000 cusecs  in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot in Saturday evening. While, the flow of water was 20,000 cusecs in Nullah Aik near Oora-Sialkot, added the irrigation officials.