LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that government has adopted the policy of promotion of horticulture in the province including Lahore and beauty and attraction of newly-executed infrastructure projects has been enhanced through horticulture.
He was presiding over a meeting on Monday which reviewed measures for the promotion of horticulture in the province, Greater Iqbal Park project and setting up of Butterfly House in Jallo Park and provision of more recreational facilities in the province.
The chief minister said that steps were being taken for the up-gradation of parks in the province and maximum recreational facilities were being provided in the parks for the benefit of citizens. He said that the project of Greater Iqbal Park and the setting up of Butterfly House in Jallo Park were a part of this programme.
“Greater Iqbal Park project will highlight culture and historical heritage of Lahore city while the historical buildings of Lahore will be restored to their original condition under this project,” he added.
Moreover, he said, landscaping will also be carried out to enhance the beauty of the city besides international standard recreational facilities will be provided to the visitors. He said that setting up of Butterfly House in Jallo Park will be a beautiful addition and will lead to promotion of recreational and tourist facilities.
The chief minister further said that infrastructure projects executed in Punjab have been made attractive through horticulture and this process will be continued in future as well. He said that Azadi Chowk Flyover and other newly-completed infrastructure projects will also be beautified through horticulture.
He said that highways can be made beautiful through plants, fruit trees and colorful flowers. He said that an effective strategy has been adopted for the promotion of horticulture in the province as it helps control environmental pollution besides increase beauty of development projects.
PHA Vice Chairman Iftikhar Ahmad said that the first Butterfly House of its kind in Pakistan is being set up at Jallo Park where butterflies from all over the world will be kept and the temperature of the Butterfly House will also be maintained at the international standard for taking proper care of the butterflies.
Separately, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that Ramazan bazaars have yielded positive results and people have been given relief in the real sense.
He was addressing a meeting of Provincial Price Control Committee through video link, on Monday. He said an effective system had been adopted for checking the quality and prices of essential items in Ramazan bazaars for providing relief to the people while action is being taken against hoarders and profiteers without any discrimination.
The chief minister vowed that no one would be allowed to exploit the masses. He said that no compromise would be made on the provision of quality essential commodities to the citizens at concessionary rates.
“A comprehensive mechanism has been evolved for the provision of daily use items at cheaper rates in Ramazan bazaars and overcharging will not be tolerated. Administration and elected representatives are visiting Ramazan bazaars on regular basis to ensure supply of quality essential items to the citizens,” he held.
The chief minister said that people would not be left at the mercy of profiteers. Shahbaz Sharif said that he is personally monitoring prices of essential items and sluggish administrative officers should not expect any leniency. He said that fruits and vegetables are being provided to the people at concessionary rates through agriculture fair price shops.
Shahbaz Sharif directed that legal action should be continued against hoarders and profiteers and elected representatives and administrative officers should monitor prices and quality of essential commodities regularly. He said that prices and quality of essential items in the open market should also be monitored.
The chief minister said that government had taken necessary steps for providing maximum relief to the citizens during Ramazan and its efforts were yielding encouraging results.
He said that Provincial Price Control Committee should continue to play an active role even after Ramazan so that no one can exploit the citizens. He said that administrative officers and staff making best arrangements with regard to Ramazan bazaars will be fully encouraged and awarded commendatory certificates.