LAHORE - Without giving a tentative date of his revolution , PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has claimed that revolution will hit the country in few days as it is the destiny of Pakistan.
Dr Qadri had said some days ago that he was holding meetings with people from various walks of life for setting a date for a march on Islamabad. It is not clear, as yet, when he will announce the date.
Addressing traders’ convention at Minhajul Quran Secretariat on Sunday, Dr Qadri warned the policemen of public wrath, which he said would reach their throats under his upcoming revolution if they (policemen) continued to obey the unlawful orders of the rulers.
He also asked the chief minister and others to resign otherwise the revolution would sweep them away very soon.
Dr Qadri said PAT would not accept the probe into Model Town tragedy till the resignation of chief minister, home secretary and other persons involved in the incident.
PAT chief said he had directed the party organization to prepare lists of educated and capable young people at tehsil level, as one million youth would be given jobs in the governments to be formed at tehsil level after the revolution .
Meanwhile, women leaders of PTI, Fauzia Kasuri and Saloni Bokhari called on Dr Tahir ul Qadri .
PTI women members on the occasion condemned the police raid at Model Town which resulted in the loss of a number of human lives.
They said that killing of innocent people including women in Model Town was highly condemnable and court should take notice of this brutality.
Dr Qadri on the occasion alleged that Punjab government had perpetrated worst kind of terrorism against innocent citizens and it would have to answer for is misdeeds.