I received the following advisory from DHA Lahore, “Please conserve water; don’t use hose pipes to wash cars or car ramps. Use water from a bucket, as the water table is going down 3 to 4 feet every year.” The level of groundwater is receding at this unacceptable rate because the canals that provided the recharge are running on empty. How many years, before the tube wells also give up, and we are left high and dry? All because some misguided people won’t let a reservoir be built which can provide fresh water to the canals in Punjab and Sindh in equal measure, as well to the smaller provinces. The situation could not be more alarming. It is time to stop repeating the ‘consensus’ mantra and do something about it. That is what governance is all about- not just about receiving monthly pay cheques. Silence from the media, barring a few notable examples, is also not of much help. Please, please save Pakistan from drying up.


Lahore, July 3.