ISLAMABAD-Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan after alleged rigging in the constituency NA-122 and has demanded the Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Ayaz Sadiq to step down from his post .
In a statement issued on Monday, Imran Khan said the Speaker , Ayaz Sadiq has lost his moral credibility to hold the post . He vowed to bring the ones to justice, who stole the mandate of the people in the General Elections 2013.
He said that PTI waited for more than a year, seeking justice against worst rigging of polls in the history of Pakistan and now his party will expose the electoral fraud.
Khan said it is surprising that the Speaker instead of the verification of votes, is taking the cover of courts.
‘Ayaz Sadiq has lost his moral credibility and he must resign from his post until the verification of votes in NA-122', stated the PTI Chairman.
Imran Khan said that reforms in the electoral system are not possible without punishing the people involved in rigging the elections.