With time, technology has revolutionized the world and now the most active form of electronic media is social networking sites. The younger generation uses social media as a platform to convey their message to the concerned parties. With this, older people are not lagging behind in any way and are utilizing the online platforms available to them. Social media does help voice or even promote ones point of view but the disadvantage is that there are many users who don’t have an ethical code. These days, Gaza has become a contentious point, people from all over the world are talking for it or against it.

Muslims countries are trying to unite and boycott Israel made goods and condemn the killing of innocent lives but it is very easy to fight from your air-conditioned bedroom with a full stomach and no enemy ready to bomb you.

This is Ramazan in which our prayers are listened to and so we must pray for those people and not only talk about them on social media. I would tell everyone to use social media in a positive manner. But just spreading hate will not achieve anything. We should all pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. May Allah protect them all.


Rawalpindi, July 12.