PM Nawaz has been in power for almost 14 months, and other than announcements, nothing has been done. It has taken this government more than a year to appoint a High Commissioner to UK and there seems to be no intent to fulfill the electoral promises of providing qualified and highly competent specialists to head state corporations, financial and regulatory bodies. It is this lack of decision-making capacity which has lead to further accumulation of losses and inefficiency in white elephants like PSM, PIA, CAA, EOBI, Railways, Power Distribution sector, FBR, NHA etc.

The fact that PML-N inherited a collapsed infrastructure required them to take quick and tough decisions, if they really wanted an economic recovery. Unless tax collection is increased, national debt will continue to rise. In just 30 days, Modi has ordered building a fast track road, with 50 posts along disputed China border and a $2 Billion extension of Karwar Naval Base in Karnataka and radar stations in Andaman and Nicobar islands in Bay of Bengal.

The Modi government has approved stalled decision to raise Narmada Dam height to 455 feet for more water storage, while approving free X Ray, CT Scans and MRI for poor in all government hospitals. In a move to keep a check on bureaucracy, the government has ordered them to repeal all laws which hinder good governance, transparency and delays in file movement, while withdrawing all powers from Gazette Officers for attesting documents following complaints of misuse. He has ordered a strict policy that ensures that no Indian holding foreign nationality will hold any public office.

In a move to fulfill his election manifesto, PM Modi has ordered planting of 200 crore trees, assured jobs to 30 lac poor youth, having put in place best qualified CEOs on merit to head almost every state owned enterprise or corporation. It is possible and can be done if there is a will of the state and governance.


Lahore, July 20.