Normally, I have my guns drawn and aimed at my own countrymen, my brothers and sisters in faith, to fire away at all their shortcomings and hypocrisies. But when a chance simply presents itself on a silver platter to analyze the bigotry of my fellow westerners/non-Muslims, the spice of life is upped by several notches. 

On the last day of Ramadan, a mentally disturbed cum suicidal turned homicidal American Muslim, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, opened fire at two military centers in Chattanooga, USA, claiming lives of four marines and fatally injuring one other. The next day, Empire State Building in NYC was lit up in green to honor the Islamic tradition of Eid-ul-Fitr just the way it lights up to honor several other religious events celebrated across the country.

Of course, the haters went ballistic this year more than ever. And they left their traces on my Facebook page as well since I dared to share the news of the Empire State turning green. It might’ve been a nice opportunity for some interfaith, cross-cultural dialogue had the commenters not been so utterly irrational. Thing is if you’re gonna start off by cussing, I’ve already lost interest in the interaction.

However, for the benefit of others who might have similar reservations, I decided to blog about it and try and answer the criticisms as nicely as I could.

Criticism 1: “…a Muslim killed 5 soldiers and this is what they do a Day later?”  

Okay, first off, it was 4 soldiers not 5, and I have no idea why the D in ‘day’ was capitalized. Anyway, the skyscraper has carried out the tradition "for several years now – it is an annual lighting," according to the building spokesperson.

All clear? Okay, repeat after me: It is an annual thing; they've been doing it for quite some time; my freakoutitude at it now is a bit too late, too useless!

Criticism 2: “Where are the Muslims when some crazy extremist/terrorist kills? Nobody hears a peep from them and nobody sees action from them.”

In the age of Google, if you're still complaining that Muslims aren't speaking out against the terrorists who've hijacked their faith, you're a toad in a well who thinks the tiny sky it sees above its well is all there is to the sky.

Just in case, you don't have an Internet/comprehension skills/news channels, Chattanooga Muslims had taken the initiative of canceling their Eid prayers and celebrations in the wake of this tragedy. And if you don't realize by now how big Eid is for the Muslims and if this gesture really should be appreciated, you may crawl back under the rock you came from and spare the universe your ignorance.

Besides, most Islamic organizations and mosques in every city across the US issue some form of a statement condemning such acts. There are fatwas against these terrorist activities as well, which aren’t all that hard to find if one really knew how to goddam surf the freakin net.

Criticism 3: “Will Muslims remember this when they decide to fly planes into it?”

Very tasteless comment especially when Muslims too died in the Twin Towers that day. However, yes, we have an answer to that as well, Bubba.

Terrorists like the ones who flew into the Towers won't appreciate anything anyone does for Islam much the same way they don't remember the religion they claim to follow when they're desecrating Muslim mausoleums and the various shrines of Sufis and Saints in Muslim countries at war with these terrorists. And in much the same way Islamophobes don't remember before spewing hate that Muslims raised some $45,000 to help rebuild the burnt down churches across the South recently. And oh, will they remember that Chattanooga Muslims cancelled their Eid for the fallen marines? So yeah…quite a few similarities between the Islamophobes and terrorists they hate on.

Since I’m feeling generous today, and since we’re on topic, let me jot down a few random facts.

The radicals ‘Islamists’ have killed more Muslims than they have butchered anyone else, and if you think your precious western governments had nothing to do with this massacre – toad in a well is what you are.

On the eve of Ramadan, a moron killed 5 marines in Chattanooga, USA. On the morn of Eid day, a moron detonated himself and killed 115 Iraqi Muslims in a mosque.

December 16, 2014, the Taliban opened fire in an army run school in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing some 132 children and other school staff (total casualties: 145), to send a message to the mostly Muslim army of Pakistan who is fighting the Taliban to safeguard the country. The Taliban have thus far killed over 80,000 civilians in Pakistan to take control of the country. They have failed so far because the Muslim army isn't letting them win.

If you think Muslims are just sitting there while 3 people in your country get killed by your own homegrown maniac, you need an education/brain/no more Fox News. There are countless other examples that you may find in the archives of this wonderful thing called the Internet. To tap into all that knowledge you may need a search engine like a Google. Find the one they call the Internet Service Provider to help you with all this stuff of the future.

One more thing, since too many people are freaking out at the sight of the Arabic words on the ISIS battle flag so much that they feel faint seeing it anywhere else as well, here’s something. The words on the ISIS flag are the declaration of the Islamic faith. Every Muslim soldier (whether Pakistani or Turk or Persian or Arab or other) who goes to war with these same radicals says the same kalima. The chant 'Allah-ho-Akbar' that simply means God is Great is the chant of every of Muslim soldier fighting off the ISIS/Taliban/Al-Qaeda in their areas.

I seriously believe that Islamophobia would soon reach a point where the radicals wouldn’t have to fire any weapons but simply shout the word 'Muslim' and the Islamophobes would self-combust out of fear, ignorance and hate.

Perhaps it's time the toad in the well ventured out more to see the world.