Who will build a ‘Naya Pakistan’? Will it be Kaptaan or Shaitan or Sharif (Raheel)? Shiateen consists of status-quo politicians who were elected through manipulated ballots since 1985 and were then part of the governments both civil and military. ‘Naya Pakistan’ does not suit them, as they are parasites of the old system, whereas Kaptaan launched his Tehreek-e-Insaf as a party of social justice and change about two decades ago. Till October 2011 the party remained pure and honest, free from negative influences and poised to build Naya Pakistan.

When the status quo ‘Shaiteen’ started to join the party, voices were raised against their inclusion. Being a Kaptaan he insisted that the new comers will play by his rules and follow the established party guidelines. Over the years PTI had developed a culture of giving not taking, honesty, integrity and merit were deeply engrained in the party. Unity conventions were held to assimilate the old and the new but it did not work. Comrade Ahsan Rashid as President Punjab played a pivotal role in organizing the party, while Imran was the Mao-the-Tung he was the Chou-en-Lai of the movement.

The Inter Party Election (IPE) just before the General Elections (GE) in May 2013 was the crucial test. The ‘Shiateen’ committed gross irregularities. The party founder and stalwart like Comrade Ahsan, was defeated through manipulation. Instead of a hue and cry he quietly accepted the verdict and went home gracefully in the grand tradition of the party. When the noises became louder, Kaptaan appointed an inquiry commission under TasneemNoorani Sahib, which confirmed foul play and recommended formation of a tribunal to clean the mess. A tribunal was formed under Justice Retd.Wajiuddin Ahmed who ordered a re-election and dissolution of the elected set up. Kaptaan accepted the decision, and appointed Noorani Sahib as, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)but re-appointed the ‘Shaiteen’ to continue till the next IPE. Objections were raised against this decision, which were over ruled by the Kaptaan. The Shiateen of Status-quo, now hijacked what had started as a movement for a ‘Naya Pakistan’.

With a bulging youth population close to 60% a ‘Naya Pakistan’ is un-stoppable. While the ‘Shiateen’ are caught in their web of narrow self-interests, the Khakis under General Raheel Sharif have under gone a transformation. The establishment stands divided. Operation clean up has already started. The ‘Shiateen’ are teaming up to put up a joint resistance. Sharif (Nawaz) is trying to strike a balance to play on both sides. Due to the influence of ‘Shiateen’ within its fold, PTI is conceding its moral high ground while Sharif (Raheel) is gaining it. Kaptaan’sdharna has highlighted the election irregularities which is a big contribution for credible elections in the future.

Now the electoral process is on the mend. In the 1970s the Khakis ensured an honest electoral exercise, the only one to date. Credible leadership can only emerge through free and fair elections. Hopefully the Khakis will play their role in ensuring an honest ballot this time around.

Keeping up with the honorable traditions of PTI, all elected individuals within PTI should honour the verdict of the Election Tribunal and resign voluntarily. A neutral care taker set up should be entrusted with the task of holding a credible IPE paving the way for a unified front in GE against the forces of status-quo. Kaptaan can then play his Captain’s innings for ‘Naya Pakistan’. The ‘Shiateen’ cannot help him in this crusade.

Khakis belong in their barracks but with the ‘Shiateen’ around, their return is being delayed. Zarb-e-Azab is now moving inwards to combat economic strangulation. The Military-Mulla-Mufad alliance has been shattered. Normalcy is being restored both on the borders and within. Karachi is a test case. Once the ‘Shiateen’ are driven out of the commercial hub of the country, the model will be expanded to other areas paving the way for the much needed nation building. There has to be a realignment of priorities. The common man has suffered enough. His basic needs have remained unfulfilled while the loot and plunder by theShaiteen has continued unabated, in Naya Pakistan this much change.

The very concept of a ‘Naya Pakistan’ is losing clarity mainly because of the propaganda of status-quo ‘Shaiteen’ who claims all is well. The Pakistan in which we opened our eyes is not the same in which our children were born and live. There has been a serious derailment. As the first born free generation it is our duty to return the original, ‘Asli Pakistan’ to our coming generations. Perhaps the Kaptaan and Sharif (Raheel) have the same vision but the Shiateen approach is to stall change at all costs.

The Shiateen within PTI are trying to corner the Kaptaan. The party rank and file remains committed to a ‘Naya Pakistan’ but the individuals that surround him despite marching orders of the election tribunal continue to create confusion. In ‘Naya Pakistan’ there will be no room for ‘Shiateen’ as they were directly responsible for the derailment of Quaid’s Pakistan.

By refusing to attend Zardari’s Iftar, Kaptaan has sent a clear message to the external ‘Shiateen’ but how about the internal ones who surround him. When will they get the shut-up call? Sharif (Nawaz) by accepting the invitation has shown his true colours. Birds of a feather flock together.

Like the country PTI too needs a cleanup operation like Zarb-e-Azab. Raheel Sharif is moving in the right direction leaving the Kaptaan to protect his party ‘Shiateen’. In the past the Khakis role in the derailment of Quaid’s Pakistan was significant but now they have shed their dirty laundry and re-aligned their approach while the Kaptaan has been unable to do that. Leaders must have a broad vision to chart untested waters, they are required to act not react or protect the unwanted.

Despite his credibility the Kaptaan is losing his grip over a ‘Naya Pakistan’. The thrust and reachable target is slipping due to a handful of status-quo individuals that surround him. For the sake of ‘Naya Pakistan’ he has to keep PTI intact which is becoming increasingly difficult in the absence of merit performance and fair play. ‘Shiateen’ play by their ownrules; foul play is their way of life. Hopefully GE will result in clean and credible leadership in the country who will then lay the foundations of ‘Naya Pakistan’ hopefullywith the Kaptaan but certainly the ‘Shiateen’ will be out.