LAHORE - PTI senior leader Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed has warned that his party men would not let the ruling party to replay the rigging show in the upcoming local bodies’ elections.

Mehmood, who is also Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader, made this warning while talking to party leaders and workers at party office on Tuesday. He claimed that provincial capital has drowned with the start of the Monsoon because of the poor governance of the rulers. He asked the rulers when they would launch “Metro Boat project” to protect the flood-hit people.

He also claimed that PTI would knock out the ruling party in the upcoming local polls by exposing government failures during the polling campaign for the local elections.

Meanwhile, political advisor to PTI chairman, Ijaz Chaudhary has said that the rulers who had promised to turn the provincial metropolis into Paris, ran away before the start of the Monsoon leaving the Lahorites in an flood-like situation.