Islamabad - The Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) has warned doctors against holding strikes, both in public and private sector hospitals, stating the regulatory body has the powers to initiate disciplinary/negligence action against the troublemakers.

The PM&DC has written letters to all the hospitals/ institutions in which they have given a strong message to all concerned whether working in public sector or private sector hospitals to ensure that the doctors make special care for all patients whether critical or not and avoid protesting and create hurdles for those other doctors who do intend to carry out their noble cause of saving the patients rather than ignoring and leaving them at the hands of no one’s mercy but Allah. Registrar PM&DC Dr Shaista Faisal said that doctors are bound to follow the code of ethics. The PM&DC has been empowered to initiate disciplinary/negligence action under section 31 of the act and it has been conducting cases pertaining to doctor’s negligence and have time to time removed the names from the register maintained under the act.

The PM&DC as regulator has observed with concern that the young doctors in order to justify their respective claims keep on protesting and shutting down the OPDs and the hospital emergencies on one pretext or the other and are least concerned regarding health issues of patients, she remarked.